UJA GA, elections scheduled on world press freedoms day, no extra ordinary Assembly as requested by journalists.


By Ronald Kabuye
Uganda Journalists Association UJA has set 3rd of May the world press freedoms day as the date it will hold it’s General Assembly and there after elections at old Kampala mosque Uganda National Muslim Supreme Council.
The notice has been issued by the UJA secretary general Bayola Moses at their offices in kampala who called upon all journalists to renew their membership at only 20,000 shillings since non members will not be allowed to participate in the elections, nomination fee for the position of the president and secretary General will go for 50,000  while other posts will go for 20,000 shillings.
Moses also showed journalists the associations constitution which they have for long been demanding for ever since the current president Robert Kagolo took offices four years back.
He also accused Kagolo of abandoning the association thus using his power as stated in the constitution to call for the assembly.
He further clarified that amendements can only be made in General Assembly however they do not take immediate effect hence downplaying the idea of many journalists request to first organise an extra ordinary Assembly were they want the repeal or  make a thorough amendement of the constitution.
Moses also said that they will use the same day to show their grievances on the crippling and carteling of the media freedom in the country.
In the same presser, the deputy publicist of the association Issa Kigongo gave a road Map for the UJA elections.
Updating of the voters register started on the 1st April to 25th April, 16 to 24 April registration of candidates, campaigns will run from 1st to 3rd April 25th to 27th April will be clearing of candidates register, 26th April to 30th May will be clearing of voters register then 3rd may will be the General Assembly, elections and oath taking.
The positions to be contested for include, president, vice president, secretary general, assistant secretary general, treasurer,  organizing secretary, secretary for education, secretary for employment, secretary for people with disability, secretary for information and the assistant, secretary for external relations, secretary for media safety and Human Rights, secretary for health and social welfare, secretary for production and the five regional vice president.


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