By Ronald Kabuye
Uganda Journalists Association an umbrella body that brings together all journalists in country is yet again at crossroads after its offices were closed and property there in at the verge of being consficated due to the three months arrears they owe the building mangers in rent.
The developments where confirmed by the organisation’ deputy spokesperson Kigongo Issa who said that the closure was caused by UJA president Robert Kagolo since he resorted to embezzling the funds that are meant to meet the rent dues.
He explained that the dues are got from the organisation’s plot of land at Komamboga a Kampala suburb in Nakawa division which they rented out to a lady name with held.
“As the executive of Uja we agreed that we use the funds from our land to pay for office space and zeroed on three persons to collect the money who included Kagolo himself, the treasurer Esther Nakawooya and the organising secretary Mukisa Daniel but to our surprise he used the advantage of being the former and current president to stop the tenant from giving the money to any other executive member apart from him.
When we tried to engage him on the same his response was negative and kept avoiding us.” said Kigongo
When asked on the way forward Issa said that they are considering legal measures to have him vomit the money.
He added that they are in advanced stages of impeaching him since they have almost gone through the necessary procedures and gotten the necessary documents and signatures.
The now closed UJA offices are located at Lions Shopping Building on namirembe road Kampala.
It should be noted that Kagolo is also accused by his fellow executive members of selling off part of the land and using the land title to acquire person loans.
It should also be recalled that kagolo is said to have caused the arrest and detention of journalists inclusive of some executive members who attempted to celebrate the world press freedom day.
The executive further accuse kagolo of using the UJA name an organisation he abandoned to solicit money for his personal benefits.


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