By Kabuye Ronald

As a professional and practicing journalist, I woke up at 06am on the 3rd day of May 2017 to join the rest of my colleagues in commemoration of the World press freedom day at Emarld hotel In wandegeya that was supposed to be proceeded with a procession from Sheraton gardens in Kampala, however to my dismay I and six others ended up in police cells on orders of a person who is supposed to instead defend our rights as journalists and that’s the Uganda journalists association UJA president Robert Kagolo on grounds of unlawful assembly.

as I past constitutional square It started pouring cats and dogs hence a rush to join the rest of the journalists who I indeed found at the entrance of grand imperial hotel already prepared for the march, dressed in white t-shirts with UJA log and behind it was the day’s theme reading; critical minds for critical times: media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies of which I was also privileged to get one.

Of course the state operatives kept around us and I could easily identify given their appearance but in anyways as soon as the procession commenced than the patrol car arrived with police officers who I later learnt were commanded by the O/C CPS Kampala only Identified as KItaka who with his subordinates brutally started arresting us which left the urban television reporter Nakabale Issa’ pair of trousers torn and his face bruised and the deputy spokesperson of Uganda Journalists Association UJA Kigongo Issa pair of trousers torn, pressing and punching his private parts,   before burdoning us on the patrol car without giving any explanation apart from telling us how they were executing an order since they were  instructed by the UJA president Robert Kagolo not to allow any other parallel celebrations apart from his which were unknown to must us in Kampala.


At arriving at cps, a police officer in the names of wanders ordered us to take off our shoes, belt before recorded our properties.

In brief a chat we had with o/c kitaka i questioned whether he never received UJA letter notifying them about the event in his response he consented that indeed the secretary general of UJA Bayola Moses had notified them but they had to execute an order before disappearing hence throwing us behind bars, luckily enough we’re warmly welcomed by the chairperson who cautioned other detainees against causing any harm on us, he then ordered the RP to check us and whatever property one was left with was taken.

Later we were called out and met the Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Emilian Kayima and DPC CPS Joseph Bakaleke who did ordered for our release with a condition of reporting back on the 4th day to record a statement.

They gave revealed that we had committed no crime but just politics at play Kagolo after verifying the UJA wing led by Secretary General Bayola Moses notification letter and Kagolo Robert the UJA president instructing for our arrest but of course this did not come on a silver platter but also the overwhelming number of journalists that had surrounded the police station demanding for our release unconditionally.

The arrested we’re myself Kabuye Ronald working with Metro Fm 90.8 and, Kigongo Issa Deputy Spokesperson UJA, Mukisa Daniel UJA Organizing secretary, Nakabale Issa urban TV, Bukenya Ronald Channel 44, Philp Onyango MAMA FM and Atusigwire Jonan pearl of Africa radio


I later learnt that Bayola’ faction that is advocating for transparency and accountability in running of the association parted ways with kagolo the president who has two followers out of 24 executive members that believe in administration after they probed him on the same issues and land title which is said to be missing.

Apparently the executive members are collecting signatures to impeach kagolo from the office of the president which he fraudulently acquired


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