UMEME profits raise by 35% with 174000 new connections in 2017.



By Robert Semujju
174000 are the new connections on the umeme services as per 2017 report making a total connection of 1.1 million customers.
This has been revealed by the Umeme chief finance officer Marine Nasiwa Martin while giving the company’s 2017 annual performance at serena Hotel kampala.
Nasiwa said their profit rose to a tune of 35% which she attributed to the increased cost of sales at 8.9%, industrial consumption at 8%, domestic consumption at 6.9% due to the increased vigilance and phasing out post paid meters replacing them with pre paid meters.
She said that despite the operation costs increasing to 12.7%, the over expenditure was deliberate especial to crack down on power theft and build capacity of their staff which yielded fruits since they made a reduction in losses from 19 to 17.5%.

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