UMUN youths call for inclusive leadership to defeat violent extremism


By Ronald Kabuye
Leaders across the world have been urged to involve youths in decision making if violent extremism is to be defeated.
The call was sounded by youths during the Uganda Model United Nations UMUN organized by the United Nations Association of Uganda UNAU at Makerere University Business Schools MUBS were the discussion focused on promotion of peace and justice.
” Because of the different aggrievation like unemployment, corruption, killing of the young people, and other unmet needs in the society, youths become a target of violent extremism and in the event the leaders don’t listen to them properly they resort to rioting, striking believing that it’s the only platform they can be heard and understood.
Our youths are energetic, resourceful and when properly utilized their capacities can better the world. ” said Destiny Gladys Chaiga the presiding president UMUN.
she also urged the youths to always first seek to know what is causing conflict with in themselves and what they can be done for it to be resolved before it causes external unrest.
In the same way the director general UMUN Bwire Linda, believes that peace, dreams and happiness can be achieved by working together with youths, leaders, elders and parents in order to get a successful Uganda and world.
During the event, the youths also showcased various cultures of different countries in appreciation of cultural diversities.


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