By Ronald Kabuye
Uganda National Teacher’s Union UNATU has been forced to sack it’s secretary general James Tweheyo whose contract had just been renewed few days back.
The decision was informed by several meetings that flopped after police forcing the board members out of the two meetings that were held at Eureka hotel and ministry gender labor and social development on Tuesday respectively before heading to their headquarters in wandegeya were the news were broken to Tweheyo.
After the termination of his five years contract, Tweheyo told a few journalists around that he will not refute the board’s decision.
” if that’s their decision I have no problem with it, am going to go back to my country home in mbarara and engage more in farming” said Tweheyo
However all the board members declined to comment on the matter saying they will soon call for a press conference in the same.
It’s alleged that Unatu’ accounts had been freezed with conditions of sacking Tweheyo.
After the renewal of his contract Tweheyo put the ministry of finance on notice about their sit down strike incase it fails to renumerate the teachers salary.


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