UNAU empowers youths to fight violent extremism


By Ronald Kabuye
In abide to fight violent extremism world wide, the United Nations Association of Uganda UNAU in partnership with United Nations Development Program UNDP have embarked on a sensitization and youth empowerment program about the vice and it’s dangers.
While opening the two days students engagement dubbed  UNAU 2018 on the subject at makerere university business school MUBS held under the theme “youth and violent extremism”, the UNDP – Deputy Country Director – Mr. Thomas Ole-Kuya said that the vice has been limited to military which has proved to be less effective hence the development of a new model which aims at promoting peace, security and economic development amongst the youths since the violent, radical and extremist groups use them as conduits.

The UNAU president George Muwanguzi highlighted the need to build critical leadership that believes in world unity, peace, security, political and economic development amidst the challenges of unemployment, bad governance, violence extremism,religious intolerance, poverty, climate change amongst others which makes the youth vulnerable to the vice.

‘UNDP has embarked a development approach using a whole society model that helps to strengthen groups, communities to promote peaceful resolution and management of conflicts and differences.

It also helps to strengthen inter group relations and cohesion, promote sustainable development, human rights, peace and security while working with government, community including youths, CSOs, academia and private sector’ said Thomas
Professor Musa Moya on behalf of MUBS said that patriotism, pan africanism and skilling the youths and the public is one of the best ways of stopping violent extremism.
The Uganda People’s Defense Forces UPDF deputy Spokesperson Lt. Col.Deo Akiiki applauded the organizers for coming up with a report on youth and violence extremism thus pledging to use it to fight the vice.
Violent extremism literally means advocating, engaging in preparing or otherwise ideological motivated justified violence which cripples the country or communities social, economic and political environment.
Such acts include torture, wars, terrorism and any forms of violence which have proved to be on increment in the world


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