October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020

UNEB: No Head Teacher Allowed To Block Student’s From Sitting Exams


By Andrew Visper
Kampala: Before the  Uganda advanced certificate of education (UACE) kicked off throughout the country on Monday 11th of November 2019.
The Executive Secretary of Uganda  national examination board (UNEB) Dan N. Odongo warned all the schools head teacher’s to not block students with balance fees from sitting their final UACE exams because it’s not allowed.
Odongo who was addressing the media earlier today at UNEB headquarters intinda said that we very well know that has not yet paid school fees balance but we are not going to tolerate any head teacher’s that moves in examination rooms to pull out students with no pay. Head teacher’s allowed to deal with them out side the examination room.
“We have stated it clear, UNEB doesn’t have police neither mandate to with schools that blocked students, my appeal to heads of schools to agree with parents out side the exams room so students sit exams but still we appeal to parents to reach their responsibility of fees and also dialogue with heads schools” Said Odongo
We have been receiving those complain of teachers pulling out students in the examination room which conflict with the law and brought tension of fear from fellow candidates.
“The responsibility doesn’t apply with UNEB however our prayers is that if we change the drafted bill into a law it will help those category to sit their exams but right now nothing we can do for them apart from parents sitting with head teacher’s” Said Odongo
The authorised board, UNEB reviewed that, this year, the registered UACE candidates from 1982 centres compared to 1815 centres in 2018. Noted that, candidature has increased by 4.8% from 99672 in 2018 to 104,481 which the trend level decreasing over the last three year.
Odongo continue stated that, PLE and UACE number of female candidates were higher, at UACE the gap is quite wide with boys making up 58.2 percent and the majority candidates at this level 81.5% are non uplift private and 191 of these are SNE candidates.
Slightly over 800 scouts and an unspecified number of security officers will be deployed to ensure a smooth conduct of the UACE examination.
“I continue appeal to heads of centres, teachers, Invigilators to be professional and desist from the criminal activity of examinations malpractice” Odongo Said
Polly Namaye, the deputy police spokes person assured full security and warned to die with those championed in examination malpractice.
“It’s the killer of success for cheating exams but as police and our sister security forces our mandate is to protect and scouts. All those willing to involved in malpractice examinations police is ready to counter and arrested” Said Polly
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