Unregulated campaign financing produces unwanted, incompetent and corrupt leaders


Alliance for Finance Monitoring (ACFIM) research has revealed that money leaders and politician have failed to deliver to the expectations of the electorates due to much money being invested in campaigns and elections.

While addressing the media ahead of the 2nd National Symposium at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Thursday this week where a Kenyan professor and jurist, Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba will be the Key note speaker, The Executive Director ACFIM Henry Muguzi, said that according to their previous researches on election, they discovered that many leaders have emerged not because they are capable but because they have the financial muscles to bribe and buy votes which forces them to get their spent resources.

Muguzi added that immediately after the 2016 general elections, several MPs were interviewed on how much they spent in the election but to ACFIM’s shock was that some injected as much as between 500m-1bn Uganda shillings.

“It’s upon these findings that we have decided to invite a Pan-African to preach to hope to the youth and also discuss with Africans on what can be done to become a leader minus injecting in uncalled for money” Mr. Muguzi said.

“It’s high time we pressed our parliament to table the electoral reform as recommended by the supreme court which have been ignored and this is not only increasing the anger of Ugandans, but also disrespect to the judiciary call it contempt of court”.  Mr. Muguzi added.

The symposium is being organized by ACFIM, ‘The Alternative and ActionAid International Uganda with other development patterns like European Union.

In the same press briefing, Mr. Norman Tumuhimbise, the national coordinator of ‘The Alternative’ a generational social movement expressed dismay over how youth fight for rice, women and elder people fight for petty things in exchange for their future.

“We have seen our mothers lining for a mere sugarcane for a vote, we have seen voters lining up for a piece of soap and this cancer is not only in Uganda but it’s an African vise which has to fought jointly” Norman Tumuhimbise.

Mr. Atukwatse Primus Bahiigi the manager Global Platforms and African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Good governance (ACDEG) ActiondAid International Uganda said that election is the only time, countrymen and women get a chance to make a formal agreement on who and how they should be government. By the government ignoring court recommendations is a constitutional disrespect. “Ministry of justice and Constitutional affairs attempt to ignore what the court recommended means that the government disrespects other arms of government, it’s high time the government of Uganda ratified African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Good governance (ACDEG) for a better country for all because we are not market commodities” Mr.  Primus said.


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