October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Uplyfe Senior The New Online General


My name is “Ahmed Mugume” a.k.a Uplyfe Senior. Am a professional Graphix designer and a video editor. Am single but dating. I started the graphics business way back in 2016 after completing my studies

, I started with about 500k UG.shs which helped me buy a computer and my rental house where I used to work from since then. I started doing simple graphics for my friends especially those who were in the music business since they needed them and I also needed to create as many samples as I could so as to get a reliable clientelle. So to cut the long story short, that’s how I played my game to now.

I now work from an office located in Makindye and my business has grown from where it was before. Currently I work as an independent graphics designer. I also supplemented graphics with video editing and I now handle both at ago since they are somehow related.

In five years I expect to own a big office handling both fields of my experience in Makindye and that is my dream goal. The secret of my success is simply being honest and lenient to my clients and handling all of them equally with severe patience. My advice to the youth is, you don’t need a lot to do great things. You can always start from any point in life as long as you are a honest and positively social person. Let the youth be creative in what they can do best.

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