URA, telecom companies dragged to court over mobile money taxes.


from left is Mr. Odur Anthony, Turyakira John Roberts petitioners and Mr. Eron Kiiza their lawyer addressing journalists at twed towers after filing. photo by Ronald Kabuye

By Ronald Kabuye
Uganda Revenue Authority URA and telecom companies have been draged to court over illegal collections of the 1% taxes on  mobile money transactions.
Turyakira John Robert and Odur Anthony both citizens of Uganda through their lawyer Eron Kiiza are the ones that have on Thursday afternoon filed a petition to high court civil division requesting for an immediate 100% digital refund of the same taxes with interest and general damages.
The telecom companies sued include airtel, MTN and africell who they accuse of being used as agents to defraud Ugandans of their property in terms of money thus the same organisations should be used to refund the same to all affected citizens immediately.
They also want the errors made in the making, passing, implementing of this law to collect the same taxes to be corrected shiftly as it was implemented.
” money is a property and Ugandans have a constitutional right to property and we are asserting that through court. We want also the errors to be corrected immediately.
Money is an important part of people’s livelihood which without they can not survive so every Ugandan should be concerned.
We are persuing both main resolution for temporary injunction and interim order on the same” said Eron Kiiza
On his part one the petitioners Turyakira John Robert appealed to the public to join their cause.
The revelation has come at a time when on Wednesday the prime minister Ndugu Ruhama Rugunda told parliament that government is reviewing the same taxes which amendment they will table soon before parliament.
In the same way five people filed a petition in courts challenging the social media taxes commonly known as over the top taxes OTT  of 200 shillings per day.
Recently President Museveni came out and disputed the 1% taxes charged on transfer, receiving and withdraw of mobile money saying that the rightful figure was 0.5%.


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