Urban TV’s Denzel in scandal


Urban Tv presenter Denzel Charles Mwiyeretsi could face a lawsuit over neglect of fatherly duties by a one Shamim the very chic he used to spent time with during the time that he had just returned the big brother house in South Africa. They hooked up when Denzel was still fresh and on rampage. He fed her on every lie you could ever think of and as it would be she fell for his tricks. And together they painted Kampala red. Mutungo where Denzel rented a pad smelt of their presence and love. Like many night games usually end up, Shamim got pregnant and on landing in his ears, Denzel disappeared from her eyes. It seemed like she certainly smelt unpleasant to him. His whooper turned to terrorising yet more city gals especially those that wanted to taste on his short lived fame. Then one day Shamim who had grown tired of Denzel’s games cornered him through one of his friends who negotiated a deal under which he was to provide 500k for child support but non of that ever materialised. Shamim is now tired of raising a virtually childless father and wants Denzel to man up and be a daddy. Because if he was able to pull down his pants and have sex then he is got to pull them up and be a daddy. The ultimatum he has from Shamim is to start supporting his son and also publicly acknowledge the boy as his own child for if he doesn’t then they will meet in court. Denzel mister work upon it before your name gets dragged in the mud.
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