July 12, 2020
July 12, 2020

Use the lent period to dignify the gift of human life -Bishop Kibuuka Jacinto



By Ronald Kabuye
The Bishop for central and Eastern provinces of uganda in the evangelical orthodox Church EOC Bishop Jacinto Kibuuka has called on Ugandans to use the lent period to dignify the gift of human life by desisting from all evil acts, be prayful in addition to caring and respecting each other.
The charismatic Bishop and also the spiritual director of Mamre International Prayer Center Namugongo Janda made the remarks during the divine liturgy on ash Wednesday were congregates where marked with a cross sign on their foreheads as a sign of starting the lent season.
Kibuuka called on the public to emulate the example of Jesus Christ who spent forty days in the desert fasting thus His purification.
“lent season is a season of purification, holiness thus every Ugandan should use it to get rid of torture acts, grudges and conflicts, domestic violence and all the evil acts so that we can all leave in harmony and peace and also treat each other equally hence all of us rejoicing and enjoying in our God given nation.” said Bishop Kibuuka
In the same way Kibuuka encouraged Ugandans to practice the three pillars of lent period that’s if you uganda is to go to another level especially in spirituality.
“in this season we must genuinely practice arms giving by being generous to the needy, secondly praying Ernestly than ever before and thirdly fasting by emulating our master Jesus Christ’s example.” said Bishop Kibuuka
He further appealed to the public to attend the Mamre over night prayers which are slated for this Saturday the 17th of February at mamre prayer center namugongo Janda where the main focus is going to be on the financial breakthrough, in addition to attending other church programs including the way of the way of cross every Friday duringĀ  this lent period.

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