Victoria University Partners With Uganda Cricket Association to develop talents


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Kampala: The Uganda Cricket Association have signed a memorandum of understanding with Victoria University to develop leaves  Cricketers as the biggest beneficiaries as they will get a chance to extend their studies.
The University will offer ten bursaries each year to students recommend by Uganda Cricket Association in a bid to elevate the lives of sportsmen.
The (MOU) witnessed by the UCA Chairman Ansasira Badu, Operations Manager John Trust Mayeku and Ronald Wakabi from the Commercial Value Group who are the commercial partners for Uganda Cricket Victoria well as Victoria University represented by its Vice Chancellor Prof Krishna N. Sharma.
“We are very proud to be doing this with Victoria University, some people have pointed that we continuously fail at the international stage because of our mental preparedness,” Said Ansasira before the MoU signed
However, Ansasira added that, when Victoria University offer’s free education it will help us in this area using their resources, however we look forward to making sure that we grow the relationship to inspire upcoming cricketers and also spur a generation of cricketers that is well educated.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Krishna Sharma said the partnership will last as long as the two bodies still exist, the MoU is also intended to develop the sports and is a start of more to come.
“Sportsman can no longer rely on his physical ability alone, as a research university we have resources that can allow us add value to sports institutions through research on modern performance enhancing techniques. Our relationship is also being extended to the top cricketers as well as their immediate family members so that we can have a positive impact on the lives of these players.” said VC
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