Walk the talk, disband opposition leadership in parliament, Ssemujju,kiiza to Amuriat


By Ronald Kabuye
The opposition Chief whip in parliament and also the Kira municipality legislator hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has revealed that he is eagerly waiting for the newly elected Forum for Democratic Change president and the defiance camp to disband the opposition leadership from parliament as they promised during campaigns.
In an interview after Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu presser where he declared his next move after loosing  his seat to Patrick Amuriat oboi, said that he wants the defiance camp to leave up-to their promise during the campaigns so as not to be treated as liars.
“one of the offenses they were accusing Muntu is appointing opposition leadership in parliament and us accepting the positions.
They deemed the opposition leadership useless and promised to disband  it once they take over power so every time and checking on my watch eagerly waiting for the disband notice.” said Ssemujju

When asked whether he will work with the new president Patrick Amuriat oboi, Ssemujju said that he doesn’t work with individuals in the party but rather the leadership as long as they take the same direction despite the differences in ideologies.
In the same way, the leader of opposition in parliament Winnie Kiiza didn’t differ much from Ssemujju.
when asked whether she does not fear to loose her position as lop upon the take over of Patrick Amuriat oboi, Kiiza said the office is not a personal holder and she is willing to handle it over once she is changed.


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