We are to extend our services to European continent


Middle East consultants limited, a recruitment agency is to extend its services to Europe amidst fighting against unemployment in the country to ensure better life and living condition.

Benon Kunywana, general manager, middle East consultants limited says, they have been working with middle gulf countries for  a long period of time such as Qatar, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai among others, but there is also great news which is, they currently  talking with some of the European countries to also export Ugandan workers to these countries like Australia, Canada and Sweden, “ due to our tremendous work, we want to extend our services to Europe and we  are currently talking with some of these countries to accomplish the deal because there are some of our clients who want professional jobs, Kunywana said”.

He noted that, many of their clients have been asking for them to also get professional jobs from European countries instead eyeing for only middle East’ “due to the long-time request of our clients, we have resolved to also look for them professional jobs in Europe and very soon we are to recruit them, said by Kunywana”.

He says that, they have now started to send security guards in Qatar to ensure peace and security during the 2022 FIFA world cup as it was agreed in the agreement made between Qatar and Middles East consultants limited recently, “ we are now conducting interviews with people who are flying abroad for jobs, yesterday 150 security guards fled to Qatar, and we are expecting to also recruit more to Dubai, cleaners and waitresses to both Abu Dhabi and Qatar before the end of this week, Benon added”.

Middles East consultants limited is among the leading recruitment agencies in Africa under the leadership of Gordon Mugyenyi who is the managing director and it has recruited thousands and thousands of Ugandans abroad for job opportunities whereby many of them have succeeded to achieve their dreams.

Now Kunywana appealed general public to always conduct Middle East consultants limited located at Muyenga Kampala tank hill near Italian Super market for more information to avoid inconveniences.

By Jumah Kakomo.


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