We can’t help Ugandans oust elected NRM gov’t -EU delegation



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
The European Union has laughed at Ugandans who have continuously  pleaded to them to oust the NRM government which was mandated with power in the 2016 general elections.

While addressing the media in Kampala on Thursday on follow up of the 2016 election reform recommendations, EU delegation under the leadership of the 2016 EU election chief observer Eduard Kukan said that they are not mandated to oust governments which were legally elected.

“If you are suggesting to denounce the government we don’t know whether you are joking or you mean it seriously its not for us because its you who elect your leaders and government including the president, it means political interference in the governance of a sovereign country” Mr. Kukan noted.

Kukan has  however expressed dismay over a slow progress in implementing the election reforms and amemdnents recommendations of their 2016 general election reports saying that partial articles have been amended which may affect Ugandans.

“There was not much in implementation of the recommendation in order to establish the basis from which they are going to prepare the amendments or necessary actions concerning the reform of the election process and that is what is necessary for Uganda at the stage of development “ Mr. Kukan said

He however declined to divulge much on the amendment of article 102 (b) and other related clauses which were amended in December last year since the matter is still in courts of law.

“It will  be improper for us to interfere in the judicial process and I think that any comments while these proceedings are going on for us its inappropriate” Kukan also added that they have met with several politicians of all circles including president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of NRM and  FDC’s Kiiza Besigye who with extensively discussed the election experiences, way forward and national solutions.

“We had a meeting with president Museveni who was flanked by other officials and the president was expressing himself also in some issue where he thinks that election process could be improved where as Dr. Besigye made it clear that all what he is doing is to prepare for a better life of Ugandan in addition to being critical about things which were happening to him before, during and after elections. Adding that his love for Uganda drives him to push for the struggle further ” Mr. Kukan highlights.

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