August 8, 2020
August 8, 2020

We Can’t Hide, This Country is Corrupt, says Kadaga



By Andrew Visper

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga Monday appeared on “Face The Citizens” TV show run by Wiz Foundation and hosted by Charles Odongtho.

Kadaga discussed the achievements of the 3rd session of the 10th Parliament.

She says the new way of handling legislation in the 1st meeting, reports in the 2nd session and budget in the 3rd session is largely responsible for the good performance.

On the quality of debate in Plenary, Kadaga says the bar is set at the constituency where they select leaders basing on various reasons.

She says government has a role to increase civic education to enable the public make informed choices while selecting MPs.

On the time allocated to MPs during plenary, Kadaga says “a member can no longer have 10 minutes to debate, if you are focused you can make substantial contribution within the 3 minutes we provide for each member”.

On electoral reforms, she says: “I asked government to table the reforms in the 2nd session or utmost the 3rd session but they failed. I feel frustrated because in the 4th session, MPs will be mostly in the constituencies.”

Kadaga and Charles Odongtho
On alleged corruption and bribery by MPs, she says “one time I was told that some of my members harass permanent secretaries (PS), I called one PS, he denied allegations and I was left in the air, I wish to know members involved such that we make examples of them.”

Speaker says corruption is largely a national issue that should be addressed at all levels.

“Let us not hide, we live in this country and it is corrupt”.

On OTT, Speaker says “I refused Parliament paying OTT for Members of Parliament, I cancelled contract”.

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