We Have The Capacity To Manufacture All The Buses That Needed In The Country, Local Manufacturer Metu Katabazi Assured Ugandan's.


We Have The Capacity To Manufacture All The Buses That Needed In The Country, Local Manufacturer Metu Katabazi Assured Ugandan's.

SUMMARY; Having been given greenlight by the president, the Ugandan investor Metu Katabazi has expresssed readiness to start assembling and manufacturing buses both national and international. The locally made buses will help to decongest Kampala traffic Jam and the near by cities.

In exclusive interview with Pressug Online News Publication held at Namanve the local investor Metu Katabazi confirmed that within a period of 6 to 8 months he will start producing buses for the city centre since the factory has the capacity to make 50 buses per month .

This project will not only deal with the challenge of high traffic in the city but it will help to address the prolonged problem of unemployment that will anticipate to employ over 500 Ugandans within a period of 2 years.

Katabazi has challenged Ugandans to have trust in their own locally made products  ,giving assurance that these buses will be up to standard .

He however asked government to help in fulfilling dealing with the challenge of high cost of electricity to enable them smoothly manufacture the much needed buses for the city and at an affordable cost .

Last week the president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met KCCA officials , minister of finance Matia Kasaija, the proprietor of Metu bus industries among others and they finalised plans for this local company to start assembling and manufacturing buses .


According to Metu Katabazi, the Chairman and Founder of Metu Zhongtong Bus Industries, Ugandan service providers have often been undermined in the Ugandan market with that Ugandan's failing to promote consumption of local content.

Katabazi raised this concerned while meeting MPs on the Committee on Tourism, Trade and Industry, Katabazi cited the procurement of 980 Tondeka buses through Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) from India which he says undermines Uganda’s locally established manufacturing plant in Namanve.

One of the Uganda prison service bus made by METU ZHONGTONG. "Locally Manufactured"

“I got concerned when I heard from press reports that KCCA was buying buses from India and I asked myself why we built a factory here. I have come to appeal to you to enable us to be get a return on our investments, said Katabazi.

Katabazi added that Metu Zhongtong Bus Industries is capable of manufacturing 2000 city buses for KCCA within a period of two years using locally available raw material. However Government should provide tax incentives and procurement support to local manufacturers to enable them boost investment and production

“If we can manufacture 2000 buses for KCCA, imagine the capacity we can build locally as an industry especially in terms of jobs and expertise for our youth who are graduates in related engineering courses.


Recently president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni commissioned Metu-ZhongTong bus plant based at Namanve in Wakiso District.

The facility that was started in 2017 with the selling of spare parts of heavy vehicles and later it ventured into the assembling of 67-seater buses in June 2018. The plant later went into a technological partnership with a Chinese bus manufacturing company, ZhongTong and currently employs 55 people.

The national medical store bus made by METU ZHONGTONG, "Locally Manufactured"

President Museveni who was impressed with the start-up factory, urged Africans to always believe in themselves adding that it was possible for them to also start making cars just like he had seen in the assembling plant.

“Mr Katabazi and his daughter have helped demystify the idea that making cars is very hard. Africans must not despise themselves,” he remarked.

He pledged to support the factory adding that he would be giving 100 acres of land for the factory to expand.

The Proprietor of the plant, Mr. Metu Katabazi, says the peace and stability brought by President Museveni is what has enabled him to start the plant. He said that buses, which cost Shs.400 million each, would hit the road as early as next week. He hoped that the business will expand to regional and international markets. He observed that the plant is able to assemble 20 buses monthly and 50 units by 2020.


This website has learnt that Uganda prison service (UPS) has acquired the Metu bus at affordable price as compared to the imported ones. Mr. Museveni has been encouraging government agencies as well as local businessmen/women to buy from local buses through an initiative known as Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU).

Commissioner of Prison in charge of Communication, Frank Baine confirmed (UPS) acquiring the bus saying as a service and agency of government, instructions given by the Commander in Chief are final.

“It is true we bought the bus because we are following directives by His Excellency the President but remember, we also produce furniture that is also bought by other government agencies and so we are strengthening our economy” Mr Baine told Pressug.


“What I will not accept are contracts that make you import buses. There is no way somebody can tell me that peripheral roads more important than factories. How can a planner equate productive capacity with a road especially manufacture of automobiles,” he said, adding, that in the 60s, the Kabandole bus services where moving around Kampala and neighbouring areas.

The inside looks, UPS.

KCCA Executive Director Dorothy Kisaaka assured President Museveni that following approval by the attorney General the process has been completed after the signing of the agreement and MoU between KCCA and METU.

Recently Mr. Metu Katabazi who embarked on a bus assembly plant in Kasese said they would invest US$50 million in the next five years and hope to build capacity to manufacture over 100 buses including the 4metre city buses, 4.8 to 18 metre long buses for rapid transport for the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GKMA) including the Kampala city centre and the inner suburbs.

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