July 12, 2020
July 12, 2020

We Need amendments in the pre bargain system



Despite the numerous benefits in the judicial sector’s pre bargain system, a number of civil society organization now bent on devising possible means to eliminate the unfair and unbalanced disposing off of cases associated with the pre bargain system.

In an exclusive interview with metro fm, Richard Makumbi the programs manager centre for domestic violence prevention CEDOVIP, a civil society organization that has taken lead in persuading the judicial sector to make some amendments in the pre bargain system revealed that the crime offenders should be given deterrent punishments especially sexual offenders and murderers as opposed to simple sentences that are currently being given out to them.

He says that CEDOVIP in conjunction with the like organization have hired an expert from the judiciary to analyze this system and make recommendations which they will present to the chief justice soonest.

Meanwhile Makumbi has appealed to government to train the relevant government institutions’ officials about the domestic violence law if as a country we are to eradicate situations where domestic violence victims end up being the offenders.

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