We need disobedience, unity not guns to get rid of the NRM regime- Besigye



By Ronald Kabuye
The opposition strong man and four time presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has said that the only way to get rid of the current regime is by disobeying and not cooperating with government just like it was the case with the British colonial government.
Dr. Besigye said Ugandans don’t need to hold guns to fight the regime but the leaders of the opposition to awaken and empower the population through giving them the right information to disobey the government.
He said because government is cognisant of the power in awakening people, its the reason why security agencies are stopping pro change leaders to speak on radio, hold rallies and concerts since they know that their information is toxic against the ruling government.
Besigye equated their struggle to a gorilla war that takes time to gain momentum, get more leaders and public support and have them actively taking part to regain their country from the few people that dominant it.
He also revealed that there is a lot of paid propaganda by even people in opposition to label him as a pro government and asking him to leave political scenes yet the motive should be to have as many leaders as possible.
He further reteirated that the reason he takes part in the elections is to mobilise and empower the public to do something by themselves to change the status core.
Besigye furthermore revealed that he is in talks with other opposition forces to have an open dialogue to the public on what’s stopping them from uniting since the public is already united and tired of poverty, lack of service delivery, insecurity and violation of their freedoms.
This while appearing on one of the local TV station

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