July 11, 2020
July 11, 2020




By Kabuye Ronald

Democratic Party’s National Organizing secretary Sulaiman Sserwadda Kidandala who was with now the deceased DP secretary General Hon. Mathias Nsubuga Bilekereaawo on the 16th December at Mukono Bookshop Collin house in Kampala when a massive stroke attacked him has given an account of what happened.

Kidandala said that on the fateful day he received a phone call from Hon. Nsubuga at around 3:30pm calling him to meet at Collin House so that he can take him through what had transpired in the two national executive committee meetings that Kidandala had missed since he was the appointed person to chair the strategic meeting that will implement the resolutions.Image result for Mathias Nsubuga

“I found honorable Nsubuga with three gentle men at Collin house in his jolly modes, he told me lets first meet Mr. Kasozi who happens to be the owner of the building then I will tell you what I want to tell you since am rushing to attend cardinal Nsubuga 90 year’s birthday. We proceeded he greeted everyone at the counter before opening the door to mr. kasozi’s office by himself  and asked the secretary

it’s at that point the hon. Nsubuga stood still in the middle of the door for about 30 seconds, the lady communicated to me whether he had any problem and I said no, so from behind I tapped his shoulders for three times but he didn’t respond then he rotated around three times until when I held him and at time he was sweating profusely, that’s when I realized there could be a problem and all this happened In a space of four minutes.

At that point He leaned against the door facing me and the eyes were moving in all directions, he tried stretching to bear the strange feeling in his body but at that point his eyes tried closing and the right arm and leg dropped lifeless he was about to fall that’ when I grabbed him, the secretary got me a space where I laid him and at time he was in semi comma state.” Narrated kidandala

The situation was saved by a Good Samaritan who was at the shelves who later kidandala identified as Angelina Etima Kasozi.

“As we tried to reach out for medical help, the ladies at the counter directed the secretary that lady at the shelves was a doctor and she reached out to her for help. The called her husband who was in the car to bring her medical kit.

She tried stretch him using force but never responded so she said it’s a severe stroke and couldn’t do much but rush him to hospital and it’s at that point we carried him to the car with her husband, the lady called her colleagues at case clinic while driving were I learnt she is a specialist and we reached when everything was ready at the emergency room and all this was in a space of 15 minutes from the attack of the stroke.

They took him to CT scene and thereafter to intensify care unit and at this time the whole of his right side had died out.

Hon Nsubuga’ only last word he said when I asked him what the problem was nothing” Kidandala revealed.

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