Who is Matthew Kanyamunyu and the other side of the story you never knew about Killing Akena


News on Saturday came as a shock in Uganda after it was reported that one identified as Matthew Kanyamunyu a business executive shot dead Kenneth Watmon Akena a CDO from Aruu North County in Pader District because of “scratching” his car. This an irritating story but when you dig deep into in it, you will find things different from what you knew. Matthew Kanyamunyu is a nephew to Eng. Winnie Byanyima the Executive Director Oxford International, a wife of former Presidential Candidate Kizza Besigye Kifeefe.

He s a Ugandan Businessman who is a CEO of Quantum Logistics a company based in Uganda. At the time, the incident happened Matthew was with his lover Cynthia Munangwari who is a beauty pageant and model in Burundi, she is also the founder of Burundi Fashion Week.

Cynthia Munwangwari

According to the news being reported, it is said that Akena while trying to put his car in the parking lot at Forest Mall Lugogo, he scratched Kanyamunyu’s car and as he came to apologize, Kanyamunyu got his pistol and shot him in the stomach, then took him to the hospital, at Norvik Hospital where he died moments after he was admitted.



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