October 20, 2020
October 20, 2020

Who’s Beatrice Kayanja The Only Women Determined To Take Over Kampala Lord Mayorship Seat 2021-2026


POLITICS: unlike other candidate’s with Political background in Kampala, Engineer Beatrice Kayanja while announcing her candidacy for the position of Lord Mayor of Kampala city Said that going into politics wasn’t in my plan but after years down the road, I ask who has benefited from our City and who has left behind instead of building Political war’s than focusing on turning development yet it doesn’t take decades to transform Kampala to be for all and for better Uganda.
“Kampala has leaders with political courage at every corner but has no leaders with team work and a renewed sense of ownership by all who live and work in the city, that’s why I come in to take over that leadership” Said Beatrice Kayanja who has been addressing the media after announcing her candidacy
She adds that the office of the Lord Mayor is the most important political office in the Kampala city with full head to develop the city business center unfortunately the decisions and intentions of the previous leaders in the office of the Lord Mayor affects millions of Kampala residence from all walks of life across all the corners of Uganda. Therefore this time round the Kampala voter’s should get the real choice at time to determine which candidate can offer them better opportunities, better Social services.
“I want to fight for the health care for mother’s of this country, to fight for our little children. I want to set up a challenge fund to support small and medium enterprises to empower youth from top to ground not only the city to shine but also creating development in-between individuals” Said Beatrice
However Beatrice added that kampala has all the resources but has it’s priorities wrong. I will ensure that I use that resources to provide free healthcare for all under age of five, emergency services for all who need it and ambulance services.
“I will push the central government to cut import taxes and VAT  on equipment that can help establish cottage industries such As bakeries, coffee machine, juice making machine and etc. The Skilling gap by established training centres and building vocational institutions” Said Beatrice
“I pledge to make job security a priority, Kampala city has labour office and that very office which is nit working now, it’s the same office that I need to very active, for example domestic workers and other informal sector most if them has no contracts and their employers exploit the absence of a minimum wage in Uganda” Said Beatrice
Meanwhile our City has many challenges but these challenges when faced with honestly, empathy and teamwork, can be fixed.
“Jobless, poor housing, broken healthcare system, education, crime, corruption, unfair taxation, decayed physical infrastructure, and an overbearing and inefficient bureaucracy is a source of pain to Kampala dwellers and it’s me Beatrice the Lord Mayor to be and expected to offer all it’s solution with no excuse” Said Beatrice
Beatrice Kayanja, the independent candidate Kampala Lord Mayor called upon Kampala voter’s to choose wisely with what will works for them instead of the party.
“It’s the right time to crash and eliminate the wars that always lined up In-between Lord Mayor and government. Building relationship with government is tye only way welcoming development in the city and the near by areas and the person will to do what other’s failed to do is me Beatrice Kayanja the only woman in the history of kampala politics” Beatrice said.
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