High Court in Kampala has convicted Sandra Nakkungu and a police officer Jaden Ashraf for the murder of Kampala businessman Eriya Ssebunya Bugembe, also known as Kasiwukira.

The deceased’s widow Sarah Nabikolo has been acquitted in a judgement read by High Court Judge Wilson Masalu Musene.

Court ruled that Sandra Nakkungu and Jaden had a common intention to kill Kasiwukira, who according to the judge, died a malicious death, disguised as an accident thus sentencing the duo to 20 years in prison.

The judge added that there is no single evidence pointing at Nabikolo involvement in the plot to kill her husband and the relationship misunderstanding referred to that induced her to plot the murder of the deceased was settled and the mediator was John Ggayi Bugembe a brother to the deceased while on the other allegations that she wanted to murder the deceased because he had brought evil spirits, the judge said none of the witnesses saw them.

Prosecution told court that the suspects and others still at large, on October 17, 2014 conspired to kill Kasiwukira who was knocked dead by a speeding car while jogging near his home in Muyenga, a suburb of Kampala.

A post-mortem report established that the cause of Kasiwukira’s death was due to multiple crash injuries.

Police dismissed preliminary claims that Kasiwukira’s killing was accidental.

After the ruling, Nabikolo’ lawyer Mac Dusman Kabega welcomed the judgment while his colleague Nsubuga Mubiru vowed to appeal on grounds that there was no way a messenger could be convicted since the duo were getting orders from Nabikolo.

Meanwhile, state prosecutor Irene Nakimbuggwe noted that they will first scrutinize the judgment and later decide whether to appeal against Nabikolo’s acquittal.

There were mixed reactions from family members as some appreciated the judgment while others decried it.

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