Winnie Nwagi Is My Product — Ntale


Rumours have been making rounds all over social media networks that singer Irene Ntale left Swangz Avenue because of Winnie Nwagi who stole the show at Muyenga based studios.

The ‘Sembera’ hit maker has come out to refute claims that she is jealous of Nwagi. While appearing on a local radio station last week, Ntale revealed that “I made that girl myself. When she joined she was so green and never knew what to do. I took my time and trained her. We would rehearse together. We would do a lot together. I am the one who would tell her what song sell and what wouldn’t sell” Irene said. She continued  ‘I and Nwagi are friends. We have never fought for men. When Winnie came to Swangz, she was fresh for Cocacola rated next… So, she was looking up to me… I helped her build confidence… that’s how our friendship started. Just know she is my good friend… No beef!’ she stated


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