Women Activists Condemn Sexual Harassment At Work Place

Women Activists Condemn Sexual Harassment At Work Place
By Andrew Visper
Women activists Condemn sexual harassment at work place, Public transport, markerts and Public areas which they say it set bad image among the Public.
During the inter-training workshop aimed to train women how they can stand to report issues of sexual harassment both technical and political wings, civil society and media at hotel africana, the programs coordinator Uganda women's network (UWOnet), Sarah Jesca said that women's suffer allot after harassed by men and yet fear to raise surch concerns to the respective personel such as police and even if probably reported still face a challenge of evidence on how being sexually harassment.
“We have no sexual harassment law which gives courts of law a chance to slow down sexual harassment cases and rejects freedom of protection and right to defend women's divinity". Said Sarah while giving her testimony of sexual harassment during Kampala streets
Sara adds that added that women are passing through a critical condition and stigma when it comes to sexual harassment not only the working place also outside along their way. However 50% women harassed on street. 50% reported groped and 72%0reported being followed just specifically for sexual harassment.
“Bosses involved in face to face sexually, in other side text you and request for your nude pictures in line to threatening you if you Failed your work contract will be terminated. The perpetrators are often men in higher positions of power, such as teachers and employers, who can make enticing offerings in the work places" Said Sarah relating on the issue of Makerere university lecture who caught alive sexually harassing his students.
This workshop on sexual harassment was organized by Uganda women's network (UWOnet) together with equal opportunity commission (EOC), Forum for women in democracy (FOWODE) and funded by Robert Bosch Stiffung