By Kabuye Ronald

Human rights activists especially women activists spearheaded by federation of women lawyers- Uganda FIDA-Uganda have appealed to legislators to expeditiously amend the Succession act to cater for the recommended 50% estate share by spouses from the 15% after one of them dies.

The appeal has been echoed by one of the senior FIDA member and human right activist Babweteera Rhonah during a media dialogue.

Babweteera noted that ever since the constitutional court ruled that the succession act be amended on ground that the 15% allocated to be shared by the widow/s incase the husband dies without making a will is unfair thus the human activists advocating for the 50% equal share of property nothing much has been done since the legislators and concerned government authorities are reluctant to fast track this amendment.

Women activists want both spouses to have 50% of their property arguing that this will empower men to work for their concubines and for the case of customary marriage all wives will have equal share adding that this will enable children to benefit from both spouses.

“The energy used in marrying women should be the same energy used when sharing property since the weak don’t run mad” said Babweteera

Babweteera also faulted culture and tradition for playing a big role in hindering the realization of women rights and MAPUTO protocol in Africa

Meanwhile FIDA’ senior advocacy and capacity building officer Mercy Munduru revealed that of the over 500 cases registered to FIDA annually over 70% of them are marriage related cases thus appealing to the media to give priority and advocate for the elimination of women rights violation since women represent a nation and what affects them directly affect the children.



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