Women council elections to cost 4 billion shillings


By Johanna Mpindi
Government has allocated 4billion shillings to conduct elections for the women councils slated for the 14th of November this year.

This has been revealed by Peace Mutuuzo the State Minister for Gender and Cultural Affairs at a Press briefing on the Women Councils and Committee’s Elections at uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

She explained that the secret ballot elections was to cost them 75billion shillings thus opting for lining up which will cost them 4billion shillings.

She asserts that, Lining up is one of the democratic means as it is provided for, it was practiced  before and  it will reduce on monitorisation of politics.

Elections will be conducted through lining up behind the nominated candidates or representative, portrait.

However it should be noted that at district and national level there will be secret ballots because the numbers of participants are much fewer and it is easier since they congregate in one place.

This follows the recent issueing of the guidelines and a road map for conducting Women Councils and Committee elections right from the Village to National Level.

Mean while election process kicks off next week on the 26th to 30th this month with registration of all women at village level and no academic qualification shall be required and nomination is free of charge but they will have to be registered at the Village level.

“It is important that all women citizens of Uganda aged 18years and above participate because those that are not registered will be automatically excluded from the entire process.” Said Hon. Peace Mutuuzo

In the roadmap provided by the Electoral Commission there will be display of the Village Women’s register  between 31st and November 1st.

During this period, all women who registered will have to cross check the registers to establish whether their names and particulars appear on the registers.

There after the nominations of candidates for election of five  members of the village Women’s Committee shall be conducted on the 6th and 7th of November.

Campaigns on the 8th and 13th, there after elections on the 14th.


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