Workers MP Lyomoki ejected from Parliament chambers

MP Dr. Sam Lyomoki today faced the wrath of Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga who directed the sergeant at arms to eject him from the sitting.

Workers MP Lyomoki ejected from Parliament chambers

The Speaker’s tough decision came after Lyomoki defied the Parliament Rules of Procedure when he took to the floor to submit a matter concerning the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Amendment Bill, 2019 without the authority of the speaker.

Attempts by Kadaga to call him to order and take his seat fell on deaf ears as he continued to defy the orders saying that he could not take his seat without an explanation why the Bill had not been put on the order paper.

“This is a very serious denial of the rights of the workers of this country to access the benefits of social security. Last time we proceeded on this matter after workers trying to put up some bit of pressure and we remained with only two clauses…right now we see the order paper missing this item,” he said in part.

Lyomoki said that the workers representatives were disappointed in Parliament for failing to have the Bill concluded.

At this point, Kadaga directed Lyomoki to sit but the legislator insisted saying that he could not since he needed to represent his constituents. Unimpressed by what she saw as Lyomoki’s campaign gimmicks,  the Speaker then directed the Sergeant at Arms to eject him from the Chambers accusing him of playing to the gallery given the campaign period.

Members of Parliament on the joint committee composed of Finance and Gender committees of parliament have in the past months been in discussions to finalize building consensus especially on the need for NSSF members who are below 45 years and have not saved for at least 10 years to be allowed to benefit from the midterm access window.