July 7, 2020
July 7, 2020




The greatest need of a man is not sex; he can get that from a prostitute if he’s not born again, and of course contract venereal disease.

It is not food; he can get that from any good restaurant.

A man’s greatest need is respect, particularly public respect from his wife.

Some women disrespect their husbands. It is the man you treat like a king that will treat you like a queen.

Give your husband the highest level of respect and honour in your culture and watch him bloom in his love for you.

“There’s no honour you can give to any human being on earth, including your spiritual mentors, anybody at that if I have not given it to your husband.

After the Lord Jesus Christ, your husband is the only king in your kingdom and the only Emperor in your empire.”

This is simple logic to make your husband, honest to you, respect you, loyal to you, and ready to take your Children’s to any level of their Choice.

You will now become mother of President, governor, Senator, pastor.

Your Children will be remember you every day and pray, honor you.

Be a good wife. God bless you as you start Sharing this to other peoples

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