October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020

Youths activists drop piglets on Kampala streets in protest to corruption


police officers surround a piglet droped by youth activists

By Kabuye Ronald

Police on Monday morning found hard time in picking up two dropped piglets at the Independence monument.

It is alleged that, the piglets were dropped by three youths activists groups (The Alternative Social Movement, Uganda Poor Youth Movement and the Redtop Brigade) in protest of the manner in which Murchison falls was auctioned to be turned into an hydro power station and rampant corruption in the Uganda.

police officers and detectives after picking up piglets

The piglets had posters with the names of the former energy minister Hon. Irene Muloni, Electricity Regulation Authority (ERA) ED, Eng. Maria Waako and South African Investment Company and embassy, condemning the auctioning

It should be recalled that the former minister Irene Muloni, ERA ED, Eng Maria Tibalwa Waako

and BONANG POWER and ENERGY PTY LTD signed agreements in regards to the same.

In the statement issued by the three groups short after the dropping of the two piglets in kampala the youth groups said that agreements are not only going to cost Ugandans but also a threat to Uganda’s

future climate.

‘’We have seen many countries investing in the digging/construction of man-made lakes and rivers

and a nation so blessed like Uganda is instead pushing towards destruction of the same to have

construction of a hydro power dam so as to increase on the supply of power in this modern era

when people are moving towards the use of solar energy.

Regardless of our political divides and ideologies, we ask all Ugandans to jointly resist this

orthodox, unpatriotic, unwise, primitive and evil government decision to auction our pearl.’’ The statement read in parts.

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