October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Youths reveal new creative ideas to eliminate Tobacco use


Tobacco control Hackathon brainstorming about new creative ideas to eliminate tobacco use

By Kabuye Ronald

A group of developers, scientists, social workers has come up with various ideas of how to make Tobacco control message more appealing to the public as well as reach awider audience.
The tobacco control Hackathon group spent two days at Design Hub kampala hence coming up with ideas that include doing comic and cartoon dubbed “Katamba”, doing musical dance and drama MDD in schools, graphics, illustrations dubbed “I need my air clean nange nfa” and developing an online and offline “Hapana” mobile application which will be more interactive and interesting but much informative about tobacco control.
Once put into reality, the initiative will not only simplify the Tobacco control message but also create more awareness about the dangers of Tobacco, empower active smokers quit, bar others from starting the vice and  passive smokers  claim their right to clean environment and air by telling off and enforcing the law against tobacco smokers/users.
tobacco use causes numerous cancer diseases, non communicable diseases and reproductive health problems thus leading to death.
Uganda Health Communication Alliance (UHCA) coordinator Richard Baguma Tinkasimire said they will do whatever it takes to actualize the ideas.
It’s should be noted that for every one shillings Uganda’s government gets from tobacco industry it spends three more shillings treating tobacco related illness.
The tobacco control act 2015 among others, bans smoking in public place, work place or public transport. It  bans smoking in an out door place within 50 metres of any window, door or waiting place. It also bans sale of electronic cigarette, water pipe tobacco (shisha), smokeless tobacco like kuber and flavored tobacco of all kinds.
The penalty handed to the culprits range from imprisonment between five months to one year or a fine of between 200,000 to 20,000,000 shs or both.
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