Youths threaten to storm parliament over Nambooze’s bad health, an ultimatum issued



By Mukose Arnold Anthony
A section of Kampala leaders have threatened to lead a massive demonstration in case parliament skips a 3 days ultimatum given to them to fight for the rights of the bedridden Mukono municipality legislator Betty Nambooze Bakireke.
While addressing the media at Manhattan guest house in Mengo on Friday Morning, a group led by the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) national secretary for labour and pension Mr. Habib Buwembo and Mr. Juma  Lubega Kabotongo Kabowa 1 councilor asserted that it’s injustice of the highest order for the fellow Mps including the speaker Rt Hon Rebecca Kadaga to keep up their selfish interest visits to Nambooze instead of rescuing her.

“Mps are just taking selfies in Kiruddu hospital instead of using the parliamentary powers to see that Nambooze is treated or produced before the courts of law if she has a case to answer
We are also investigating the company that offers funeral services for the MPs since it seems the owner of it is the one behind Nambooze negligence and unpleasant situation she is facing” Mr. Buwembo said.
“Do you feel happy when a fellow  Mp dies? Do you want to eat her remains (bones)? If she dies, what will you tell the nation? Will you contribute condolences and shower her remains with praise messages ” Mr. Lubega asked.

“We  therefore on behalf of our colleagues have proposed to storm parliament to together with other Ugandans on Monday 9am that’s if parliament under leadership of Kadaga fail to rescue Hon Nambooze.
Buwembo revealed

“Parliament has all powers to stand surety for any legislator, enable her access the deserved treatment then after surrender her to the courts of law.
I think the legislator have not done enough towards saving the life of Nambooze, and we also think this matter is beyond political party ideologies” Mr. Buwembo further noted.

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