By Kabuye Ronald

Youth pressure groups from all political parties under their umbrella Citizens Campaign against Corruption have threaten to besiege and occupy the office of the deputy chief justice Steven Kavuma if he fails to recall his injunction on any inquires on 6 billion presidential handshakes to the 42 public officials by the end of this week.

Addressing a joint news conference the youths led by their chairperson Burora Herbert Anderson and secretary general Norman Tumuhimbisae said that in addition to the public appeal to occupy Kavuma’s Office and isolating the 42 public officials plus justice Kavuma by stopping them from accessing all public places including worship and leisure places and deeming anybody who associate with them a devil associate, they have organized a nation mourning day against what they termed as thuggery and other acts against natural justice and rule of law on the 26th of this month a day the country will be celebrating the nation liberation day.

The youth also contend that there is unaccounted 900billion (266 million US dollars) which was lost in the same heritage gas cash bonanza since the executive director of Uganda Revenue Authority URA Doris Akol declared 434m dollars to the president has gains as opposed to 700 million dollars she presented to the URA staff thus questioning the rightful amount.

The youths also demand for immediate resignation of the 42 officials plus Justice Steven Kavuma before the 31st of this month in addition to refunding the money.

They contend that this technocratic arrogance and impunity exhibited where public officials cherish and enjoy in the agony and pain of Ugandans should be put a stop.

“it seems these female and male thugs for luck of better word pray and thank God everyday for blessing them with citizens they steal from in broad day light and they keep quiet, this time around we are not going to go silent we are going to close down their offices in addition to other activities.” Vowed Norman Tumuhimbise

“for now we want our six billion back and accountability for the 900 billion but we are coming for other money you stolen through other projects, youth are jobless, there is no medicine in the health facilities, Ugandan are dying of hunger and you Musisi, Akol, Muhakanizi are getting rewards for buying yourselves land” wondered Burore.


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