Tears As Shakira Shakira Beats Eddy Kenzo To Win Press Bpabeio awards

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Organized by media personality Omusawo Tintah, the Press Bpabeio Awards are held every two months and each time an appreciation award is given to a person or company that has made a special mark in raising the bar. Ugandan music scene.

Held at Tavern Woods Kabuusu, the second edition of the Press Bpabeio Awards took place as Shakira Shakiraa and Kandongokamu artist’s son, Willy Mukabya, Mukabya Junior came out on top in both categories in which they were nominated. Shakira Shakira was voted the best personality of October and November, beating  competition from Eddy Kenzo, Hellen Lukoma, B2C, Kataleya and Kandle, and Granada


On the other hand, Mukabya Junior beat the likes of; Flona and Baza Baza among others in the Must watch talent walking away with the accolade.

Even though he is not in the country, currently residing in South Africa, his award was picked by his team that graced the event donned in his T-Shirts.

Organized by media personality Omusawo Tintah, Press Bpabeio awards are held every after two months and everytime they are held, an appreciation award is given out to one person / company to gratitude towards their effort in uplifting Ugandan Music.

This edition saw Sonde based Century Property Real Estate company winning the appreciation award as they revealed how they gave out an offer of building a Celebrity Villa along Bombo Road, somewhere artistes can purchase land as cheap as UGx 1Million to help them homes and avoid being evicted from rental houses and apartments.

“Ugandan music has changed over time, we also have to adapt and deal with  chan. Recently an artist is going to hit a hit but before you know it the song isn’t a hit anymore after three months, so we sat down and thought why not enjoy them while they are still available. hot is not like the rest of the awards that happen once a year,” said Omusawo Tintah during the awards ceremony.

Apart from the accolades, the winners were also presented with Certificates to hang into their homes and offices to show off what they achieved and how they were appreciated.

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