Why Dr. Besigye led the Front pressure group and Bobi Wine’s people power can co-exist

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By Male Deogratius alias Omusawo Tintah

Weeks back, the opposition strongman and four time presidential candidate Rtd. Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifeffe was officially unveiled as the chairperson of the new opposition pressure group cod named People’s Front for Transition (PFT) riding on the slogan Red card out. The new baby on block has however left some of the National Unity Platform supporter unhappy with the new formation with a perception that its formation aims at taking up Bobi Wine’ space which is wrong since the top leaders’ main objective is to oust the sitting government hence they must do everything possible within their means to achieve the primary objective.

You should recall that during his presidential campaign, the now leading opposition leader and NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine said that the NRM government should be dealt with in a rub a dub style (confusing style), may be this is one of those rub a dub styles where they are coming up with different strategies so that focus is put on one as other excels (which is yet to be unveiled by the principal in people power) in ousting the sitting government.

Irrespective of the strategies taken, as long as various groups are gearing towards the same goal, there will be unity in diversity and in this case ousting the sitting government thus there is no need to beef on like thinking group that does not agree with you on strategy but gears at weakening and putting down the opponent. Having bias on one of the ringleader is okay but doesn’t warrant you to soil his energies since he is helping in weakening the opponent so that you get easy and simple victory over the opponent.

Apparently, with the coming of the Red Card Front, government has started being kept off balance and is in guessing which is a big opportunity for the people power movement to penetrate through, catch off-guard the opponent since his focus is now diverted to the new pressure group which they are pretty sure has men who have given them headache before through staging massive demonstrations and they don’t want a repeat of the same.

I believe that Bobi Wine’s silence and Dr. Besigye’s open plan was agreed to by the two principals to keep government architects and opposition double agents confused and in the shadow as they weaken and overtake the opponent.

If you can recall when Bobi Wine turned politician, the NRM failed to detect his potential and ambitions to lead the country and giving them headache. This showed a deeply immense weakness that has been growing within NRM. That weakness is due to lack of strategic thinkers which the opposition might use to succeed.

My urge to all the change seeking supporters is to keep calm, wait for instructions from whoever they believe in, then take action as opposed to attacking the likeminded colleague who they are biased against if the struggle is to succeed.

The author Male Deogratius alias Omusawo Tintah is a journalist, entrainment radio presenter, passionate about the matters of human rights and keen on matters of national importance.

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