MikeySeems2funny denies tasting Prima Kardashi

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Mikey claims he survived tasting Prima

Following her breakup with Muzzinyi and dance-hole-king, Mr Henrie, socialite, Prima Kardashi is working tirelessly behind the curtains to hook up a better replacement.

Given her lifestyle, she is not the type who is comfortable to hit the streets or spend cold nights alone, yet she believes she has a tasty luwombo of beans and the money to have whatever she wants.


Y’all remember how she immediately replaced baby daddy, Geosteady with Mr Henrie. She somewhat wanted to do the same when she parted ways with the budding Midmorning Tukoone presenter. When Prima jetted to Dubai with her gal brigade to eat money, she allegedly seduced South Africa-based Ugandan socialite, and Sangoma, Medi Moore.

A source intimates that the photos were taken inside Prima Kardashi’s apartment in Munyonyo, for promotional purposes but a section of Netizens wasn’t convinced. Actually, some were worried for Mikey!

“Mickey otta brand yoo bro,” one of the concerned Netizens, iamalternetime_jiino rushed to caution Mikey.

agamitony also commented; “Ehhh ehhh ehhh bro your Avery strong man bambi.”

walshymanzi chipped in too; “Haha but who knows what she wants to do.”

Probably after perusing through the comments, Mikey was forced to come out clean and put the record straight. He shared a series of photos on his wall and captioned them.

“WOTATAGEDE BUZZAWAS SUCH A GREAT HONOR SHOOTING WITH YOU MADAM PRIMA.” But still, some of his followers weren’t moved. One Isaac Mubiru commented; “Mwana boyi Prima yakulidde,” to which Mikey was quick to reply; “Nedda blood, olowooza tewelimba.”

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