Am Dropping My EP In December , Singer Nicki Cee Reveals

Pressug had a chat with the New York -based, Jamaican-born singer Nicki Cee

Am Dropping My EP In December , Singer Nicki Cee Reveals

1. Nicketa Nicki Cee who you are asking about, is a no nonsense extremely independent, hardworking, loving and giving individual who sees people for you they are and accepts them for who they are. Who was taught how to love and give love in return

2. I am a versatile singer. I go across all genres if asked to. I do not put myself nor my music in a box

3. I started singing when I was 6 years old growing up in church. However, professionally as a career, a year ago. 
4. “Broken” and “Turn me on”
5. I am single 
6. There is nothing to tell about my love life because I don’t have one ( as yet lol). I must say, that my son is the love of my life. A very polite, smart and energetic 3 years old who loves the keyboards. I have my parents who supports me in everything I do and I love them dearly. I strike a balance with family and my music 
7. Life has its own challenges as is, but in the music world it is getting my foot into that door and soaring as I would love to 
8. Yes I have some collabs. None that is released yet. I am still deciding if I should leave them for the EP or introduced to the world now 
9. I see myself as a household name, a singer that every woman can connect with. Songs that the young and old can have on their lips everyday. Songs that will be known forever, not just here today and gone tomorrow 
10. Aspire to be you and not anyone else. Work hard and don’t give up. If you have a good product don’t give up on that dream

Nicki cee

New York-based Jamaican native Nicketa “Nicki Cee” Colespring is poised to take on the music scene with her extraordinary zeal of cutting straight through to the heart of her listeners’ emotions. With a passion for singing and songwriting embedded inside her soul from an early age, Nicki Cee’s passionate lyrics and witty melodies will give you an insight into this deeply sensitive lady whose sultry vocals will provoke an intense response.” Coming from a strong musical family Nicki Cee started singing with her cousins at her small “country” church in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, always giving her audience delightful unrelenting sensational performances.
She has always drawn her inspiration from some of the many greats across genres, with the likes Etana, the late great Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Franceska Badastelli. In describing how she feels about performing, Nicki Cee said, “Singing and writing enriches my soul. This is where I channel my many emotions. When I am on stage, I look at my audience, I see the strong connection to my songs. That is my feel-good feeling. Now signed to Grinch Records, Nicki Cee is all set to dare her audience not to only listen but to sing, dance, and stomp along with every lyric, every Rhythm. This is her time!!!

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