Amaizing Grace Faith Church Takes Over Former Nakumatt Bukota, It's Now New Church Home Arena.

By Pressug Online News Publication

Amaizing Grace Faith Church Takes Over Former Nakumatt Bukota, It's Now New Church Home Arena.
The amaizing Grace Faith Church under the leadership of the 'lead pastor' Apostle Anthony Muhumuza and his wife pastor Irene Muhumuza took over the former Nakumatt Bukoto arena located at old Kira Road.
During the press conference yesterday held at Serena conference center Kampala Apostle Muhumuza say's that the arena is now a multi billion Church's new home relocating from imperial Royale hotel which has been a home to the amaizing Grace Faith Church since November 2015.
He adds that the main aim of the church relocation is to have a large and permanent home to accommodate the growing congregation. It will help to enhance the service delivery of the of the congregation daily through the coordinating church programs more effectively.
"The multi billion new church will further facilitate, achieving the mandate of the ministry of spreading the gospel of God through amaizing Grace Faith Church and build people's faith to have victorious and prosperous lifestyle" Said Muhumuza. 
"The amaizing Grace Faith Church will hold it's first service at the new home on 25th of April, 2021. The the grand breaking ceremony church auditorium to God scheduled for 4th July, 2021 at the same time when the Church Mark's 10 year in ministry. Meanwhile the general public is informed to take a note of the good news to benefit from the services of the church" Said Muhumuza.
Apostle Multi Billion Church Prayer
"Intercession heavenly father as we prepare to reopen our church gathering send your Angels to gather all our brethren across this nation for thier turn a round package in the name of Jesus" Muhumuza prays for the multi billion church. 
Muhumuza stands in  Zechariah 10:8, "will whistle for them to gather them together, For I have redeemed them; And they will be as numerous as they were before".
Covid-19 Pandemic
Apostle Muhumuza appealed to government that even though it has been working good as Covid-19 concerned but at this time, Government should start thinking on opening up business a little more that are still closed.
"Curfew should be extended at 11:00PM because many people make their under living at that time of night but curfew makes it up difficult" Said Muhumuza. Adding that as the church we have been in position of helping people on daily basis and pledge to continue doing so until Government answered our call. 
"An Early Calling" Muhumuza
As the man steering a major ministry, Muhumuza is a spiritual role model for many, a fact he is aware of when we sit down for a word, and something he does not take pressure from but gladly embraces.
He is composed in his speech, and unlike the hard-talking slices of him in the middle of heated sermons, he remains humble; smiling and expectedly quoting the Bible at various turns.
Ministry for him could be just a passion. But looking back at his life’s journey, he realises it is more that. “This is a calling and the signs and indicators have always been there.”
Going To War With God
His life remained on the perfect religious rail for long. He was even known and respected among fellow students for his faith. But around Senior Two, as a student at Mbarara High School, Muhumuza decided to punish the God he had initially served.
“I lost a guardian, my aunt who lived abroad and had taken care of the family. Having already lost my father earlier, I became very bitter with God feeling that he was not being fair to me. I even doubted his existence and from then on I turned to a life that would never bring him glory,” Muhumuza narrates.

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