Apostle Muwanguzi Jubilee Prophecy, "Uganda Was Chosen To Lead The Last And New Era Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Apostle Muwanguzi Jubilee Prophecy, "Uganda Was Chosen To Lead The Last And New Era Of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Apostle Muwanguzi Jubilee Ssalongo, of the New Eden centre park ministries international have officially assigned by God to introduce the "New and last Era of Jesus Christ", it requires every body repentance and sanctification of the whole world as he takes full control of leadership of the world.

Apostle Muwanguzi who was a dressing the media yesterday at Grand imperial hotel Kampala, said that the kingdom of God has already returned and is reigning through the system of the tree of life and has taken all the authority as he quoted in Daniel 2:44.

"The heavenly temple that contains the God's Ark of the covenant is already operating through the New Eden Centre Ministries International. Uganda was chosen to lead the last Era and we must eliminate all abomination like witchcraft, corruption, and all unrighteous" Said Apostle Muwanguzi

"God very angry with President Museveni, the country chief of staff because of all those evils and is ready to destroy all the rebellions. However Jesus Christ chosen me to be the tree of life and how it operate in, Revelations 22:1,2" Apostle adds.


Apostle Muwanguzi, who was speaking with full of suddenness through God's tongue explains that the prophecy works as a trumpet of the new and last Generation to the entire world to warn all people about the vast calamity that is coming soon onto the world.

"To all churches in Uganda, Ministries of God, His Excellency the president, Majesty Kings, Government Minister's, Honourables, Government officials, Civil savants and individual". Cautioned to the church about the dryness in the word of God. God's calling to the new generation for ministry based on warning to the republic of Uganda about witchcraft, arrogance and corruption with urgent warning.


Apostle, who started with a blessing prayer say's that, to the leaders, ministers and saints in Uganda, peace be to you and the grace of the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

He adds that, the Lord spoke to me on 7/8/2002 about spiritual dryness that has penetrated the Church of Christ as indicated in Amos 8:1-2 and 11, all resulting from the lack of true doctrine in the Church to day.

Therefore, thas resulted in confusions, wrong or sub-standard deeds and divisions that have struck the Church leaders there by numerous Christians have continuously suffered due to lack of the foundation in the word of God.

"This has greatly affected the Church and the world; consequently some businesses, passports, bank accounts and others have collapsed, cancelled, closed and others will happen seven times. Money and medicine will be useless to some"


Apostle Muwanguzi lines that God has chosen Uganda to fulfill "His purpose as described in Isaiah 19:1-10, 16, and 19 -22". Therefore, Uganda is going to be so blessed in the whole world through the word of God. However, a price must be paid through fire to uproot the ungodly things that we have planted.

"It's the high time we Ugandans humbled ourselves and be prepared for the vision and commission Revelation 10, Isaiah 28:9 -10 and going deep into the word of God to bring forth the very truth that lies in it to set the nation free". Said Apostle adding that God is ready to deal with anybody that will stand in the way to hinder His will, first Ugandans Amos 9:2- 3 A lot of offenses, that is to say; sexual immorality, treachery, witchcraft, indecent dressing, covetousness, segregation, competition, selfishness, self exaltation and pride which is happening in our church is due to lack of sound doctrine of the word of God; but by God’s grace whoever submits totally, will get out of trouble Revelation 18:1,5.

Hebrew 3:7,8,15,19. "If you hear the voice of the Lord don't hardened your heart" Apostle quoted.


Apostle Muwanguzi Jubilee told this website (Pressug Online News Publication) God commanded me on 4/9/2009 to reveal the secret which was in His heart that his going to use unknown and un respected ministers 1Samuel 16:6,13, and Mathew 21:23,27, as well as the known, respected but they must humble themselves from all pride and arrogance, Isaiah 2:11,12, so that God may exalted in his begotten Son Jesus Christ.

"Ministers of the new and last generation are to be thoroughly trained. Proverbs 21:22, Proverbs 2:1,7, Isaiah 11:1,3 to carry the cross against all evil to day. The 2Corinthians 10:3,6. It's time for the Church to be the light to the world to hear and obey God’s voice because there is no one who will escape His mighty hand. Hebrew 12:25,29, 1Corinthians1:18,20 but by his grace in Jesus Christ. Whoever will not harden the heart will be out of trouble and confusion tribulation. Revelation 17:1,4,18" Said Apostle Muwanguzi.

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