September Nominees ː Must Watch Talent Votin

Bakaazi By King Fa | Free MP3 download on

September Nominees ː Male Artits
Vyper Ranking
Vyper Ranking, the Karimojong sensation behind Sivawo hit single

David Lutalo | Spotify
B2C on the concert: We are doing this for our fans – Sqoop – Get Uganda  entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

September Nominees ː Female Artist
Wiinie Nwagi




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The purpose of the Press Ug awards is to recognize by excellence without limitations or restrictions all Ugandan talented artists and entertainers Both In and Outside Uganda.

The award winners range from well-known and established artists to under-recognized talented people after considering their performances.

Pressug  Awards Started  in order to give respect and encouragement to the Ugandan artists and entertainers.

The awards were inspired by different international events such as MTV Awards, Grammy Awards, BET Awards and Oscar Awards after recognizing that Uganda has got serious talented artists in various disciplines.

The Voting Process

The voting process is online and a year-long communications campaign encourages global participation.

The votes come from qualified executives working within Media and The Entertainment Sector Plus Our Dear Funs

A standard vote carries a weighting of one

September Nominees ː Breakthrough
September Nominees ː BreakThrough
September Nominees ː Personality
September Nominees ː Personlaity
September Nominees ː Must Watch Talent Voting
September Nominees ː Must Watch Talent Voting
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