Banyarwanda Living In Uganda Rebrand To Abavandimwe.

By Andrew Lwanga Pressug Online News Publication

Banyarwanda Living In Uganda Rebrand To Abavandimwe.

Banyarwanda Community  living in Uganda have rebranded to Abavandimwe tribe in abid to relax the segration and miss treatment  they face  in the country. 

They argued that despite their fire fathers contributing towards Uganda's independence majority of Banyarwanda born and raised in Uganda face segregation.

There are over 11million Banyarwanda Community as atribe in Uganda. 

"Members of our tribe are being denied access to the national identity cards and pass ports which are done of the most important documents that every Ugandan should and must have. Unlike our fellow ugandans, our tribe is being systematically locked out of the economy and public service of the country. Some of us cannot get phone SIM cards, open bank accounts, acquire loans or even exercise our patriotic duty to join the police or armed forces" Said Lawrence Muganda 

"Our research shows that 80% of our young people who have at one point applied for passports to be able to travel and seek jobs abroad go for treatment or for business have been denied access, despite being citizens of Uganda,"he added. 

Muganda further said," We dream of Uganda where our children, grand children and their grand children will live peacefully, free from srlf stigma, segregation and demonisation by their fellow ugandans".

This demand was made at the media press conference held at Serena Hotel Kampala today. 

The Council for Abavandimwe is an independent not for profit and non partisan organisation with a mission of protecting the rights of Banyarwanda born and raised in Uganda preserving their culture and promoting their economic empowerment.

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