Enterpreneurship: City Business Man Mukesh Shukla Commonly Know As Shumuk In Green Entrepreneurship Promotion Drive

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Enterpreneurship: City Business Man Mukesh Shukla Commonly Know As Shumuk In Green Entrepreneurship Promotion Drive

Down the road to transform Nakawa west into modern fast industrial zone park, City Business man Mukesh Shukla has offered himself to promote green entrepreneurs in Nakawa.
According to him these will be mentored, supposed and coach to run enterprises in a bid to create jobs for the youth.

Mukesh revealed this on Friday while speaking to this website, that he will promote entrepreneurship as catalyst for job creation and development of this area Nakawa industrial park. 

Mukesh, an industrialist and vice chairman of NRM entrepreneurs league says its the only way to tackle acute youth unemployment after covid pandemic pandemic and as well as increasing household income generation.

“Green entrepreneurship is new strategy to alleviate poverty. We strongly believe that when we inspire youth to innovate and start income generating activities issues of youth unemployment can be handled headon,” Mukesh said.

Mukesh who's recently contested for Nakawa West MP seat under independent ticket also pledges to consolidate industrialization and revenue generation of  Nakawa division and bring forth good governance in leadership  to spur faster development of the area besides force of politics.

"Still, I want to be a unique leader who always offer solution to development. Modern politics citizens are tied of politicians with words who are voted but deliver nothing instead of working for their stomach plus their closed family" he said.

Commonly known in fostering industrialization, Mukesh's businesses are organized under the Shumuk Group. The individual companies include manufacturing of aluminum cooking utensils, Multiple warehouses in Kampala and other Ugandan towns, milk-processing plant, commercial buildings in Kampala and other urban areas of Uganda.

He also owns a company that imports and sells pre-owned automobiles, money-lending business, foreign exchange bureau, Several hotels in Kampala and other Ugandan locations

Mukesh, before he net mark 60 years old with estimated business empire, approximately US dollar 100 million reminded Ugandan leaders the development starts with them directly from the community.

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