Faith Media Stations Responds On Allegations, Failure To Pay Uprs.


Faith Media Stations Responds On Allegations, Failure To Pay Uprs.

KAMPALA‐UGANDA|PRESSUG PUBLICATIONS| The national pastor's platform of Uganda headed by Bishop David Kiganda, together with other Pastor's owned the faith media stations responded on allegations and why church based-media stations will not pay Uganda performing rights Society (Uprs) fees for playing gospel music on their stations. 

While addressing the media at christianity focus ministries Mengo Kisenyi, Bishop Kiganda said that, we have noted with concern that Uprs is threatening to send invoices to churches whenever it seems one of their registered members singing in our choirs. 

Kiganda explains that so many pastors under their leadership  have called them for guidance on who to allow in their choirs and pulpits since Uprs is targeting to attach churches for their members performing on their pulpits. 

"We are regarding this as a total disrespect and unbecoming since churches have been in a business of mentoring these singers way back before they become member of Uprs. It is important to noted that such statements are intended to intimidate and hinder the growth of the church of God and zero down their right to serve God together their churches." Said Kiganda

He 'Kiganda' adds that It's also important to understand that church is a house of God that represent the kingdom of God here on earth whose mandate is to praises and worship him and to carry out the message of repentance and salvation to the world. Though entertainment is also done in our churches,  it important to note that our main mission is not to entertain.

Hence, we are mandated by God to bring the message of hope and repentance to the world known as the "Gospel Of The Kingdom" by the means of preaching it or singing it. It's very clear to note that a private entity called 'Uprs' falls in the entertainment industry and church is not entertainment neither are we artists, but rather ministers of God. 

At this moment and beyond, we feel misplaced as faith based media stations,  when we start to be considered as entertainment or part of the entertainment industry. 

"It's disappointed and miss conduct to a person without any media platform, not trainer, no congregations and listeners to start charging/invoices to church stations yet churches are majorly in promoting gospel music/artists. Its an enemy that yet to come to destroy and taken away peoples rights to worship rights to owne." Said Kiganda.

He 'Kiganda' explains the objectives of church which includes; the Glorifying God through praise and worship,  and after which also to minister to God's people and draw them back to bring them back to their God creator. 

"It is therefore wrong to be perceived as entertainment.  We are not and we will never be entertainment or part of the entertainment group, all our singers in church their main objectives is to minister either to God or to his people through their music. Meanwhile God is worshipped,  God is praise and God's people are preached a message of repentance to draw them closer to their creator and bring them back to God which is all done at no cost charged for any one that gives their life to christ since we are servants of that most highly God."  Kiganda told the media. 

"Just like other faith based media stations, Kingdom consortium (KTV and Kingdom Radio) we have thousands of gospel music,  what we normally do promote and give back to gospel artists is to sign MoUs and give them free space which allows us to play songs on their concert. After that we submit copy to that agreement to office of the registrar general. Some of the artists that Uprs claims to be their members they record 'Songs' and get free promotions direct from the church plus funding meaning are children of church." Said Kiganda. Adding that our campaign of taking the gospel message through preaching and singing to the world should never be considered as entertainment but rather ministry. Entertainment is supposed to be charged and supposed to be paid for, but ministry is supposed to be done free of charge to God's creation. 

"If amongst us, there are singer's who considered themselves to be allowed just as singing can happen at school where children have gathered,  still I don't think that would mean that, church is an entertainment centre". Otherwise all songs that are played on our faith based media house are brought to us by the gospel ministers themselves with a request to help them get their music promotion.  According to section 9 off the copyright and neighbouring rights act 2006, the owner of the music has an exclusive right to authorize who to use his music including broadcasting house. 

Kiganda goes on and inform the community that most of the faith based media stations are authorized in writing with memorandum of understanding (MoUs) signed between the music owners and the media station. 

"The information continuously reaching us that majority of our gospel music  ministers were hoodwinked,  manipulated,  intimidated at the time of becoming members of Uprs. People were told that government would not allow them to sing anywhere in Uganda, they will not get visas to fly out neither to sing any country without providing that they are members of Uprs". Adds Kiganda. 

The registered member of of Uprs , They claim that they never been given money in the last 10 years yet their music is sold, money collected from media houses and platforms like YouTube. The worst is that majority of them are not allowed to uploaded their music on YouTube since Uprs has already done it for them without their consent.

"The validation agreement was met for one year, referring to their agreement but Uprs goes on and boycotted the agreement.  We yet to call upon all our Gospel music to decided which side to take between the uprs and church and we yet to petition the registrar general to tell us where is the authority of Uprs starts and ends regarding on the law. Who's authority to give out copyright Uprs or musician. Thereafter everyone will know his mandate." Said Kiganda.

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