Former NTV Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava Arrested On Charges Of Fraud

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Former  NTV Journalist Dean Lubowa Saava Arrested On Charges Of Fraud

There is facebook wannabe known as Dean Lubowa Ssava who is using Sudhir Ruparelia’s name for clit bait. This is the same idiot that was fired from NTV and now he is acting like he is the source of false information on Facebook. Whatever nonsense he is spreading on Facebook is  just to tarnish Sudhir’s name.

First of all, he claims to be a freelance journalist simply because all the tv stations have been firing him. Dr.Hilderman himself sued this fool over spreading false information.

On top of that, this imbecile Lubowa who quit the media more than one year ago has been running an employment recruitment agency in Kibuye, on the outskirts of Kampala. Lubowa reportedly used the agency Global Skills International Limited, to receive money from people who expected jobs in return. He has at the same point been involved in human trafficking and obtaining money by false pretence.

This is the same person Facebook people want to believe really?

This fool was was charging between 2.5 million and 8 million Shillings from individuals seeking employment in the Emirates only to find themselves stranded, with no jobs and no place of abode.

This ex-convict is now trying to use sudhir for relevance on Facebook since he couldn’t make it to the big screens. This same dean lubowa was trying for steal and squeeze 100m from ex-army flight captain John Kasami inorder for him not to write defamatory statements about him.

This idiot is so much blinded by his love for money to an extent that he goes an extra mile of spreading fake and false information on a social media platform. Some people just look as though they carry sense in their heads yet they are just empty tins that make the most noise.

This former NTv journalist was chased from serena based station over claims that he would use the station’s hard earned reputation to defraud the public.

In prison for cases of human trafficking, fraud and defamation and you still expect me to believe anything this idiot utters. Stupidity is when the blind leads the blind.