Janepher Akello Wins K-POP World Festival Uganda 2021

Prizes given as follows ; The first person or team will win one million (1,ooo,000 UGX) The second prize will be awarded to the 5people or team and it will be five hundred thousand (500,000UGX) And the popularity prize will go to the 2peopleor team which will be five hundred thousand shillings (500,000UGX). Free data will be given to the first one hundred people who will apply first.

Janepher Akello Wins K-POP World Festival Uganda 2021

Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Uganda is happy to announce that the winners as below.  

First Prize

- Janepher Akello (Fate-Lee Sun Hee)

Second Prize

- M27 (Dynamite - BTS)

- Hindhuja Mahesh (Mafia - ITZY)

- Machiraju Hemavarshitha (Oh my god - GIDLE)

- THG(Team Holy Ghost) (Anpanman - BTS)

- Dance Theatre Uganda (Drunkrd_Dazed - Enhypen)

Papularity Prize

- LJD (Let's Jazz Dance) (Stay with me - Chanyeol and Punch)

- Kiggundu Stuart Dominic (As I live - SG Wannabe)

*Additional successful applicants

- THL CREW (Bang Bang - Big bang)

- Genesis (The things we looked for granted)

- Imani (Whistle - Black Pink)

- Judith Namwanje (Everytime - Chen and Punch)

You can check on them through their social media handles 
Instagram:koreaembinuganda and 
YouTube:Emabssy of the Republic of korea in Uganda