Leadership Code Tribunal: Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo Tasks Leadership Code Tribunal On Speeding Up Hearing Of Cases

By Pressug Online News Publication

Leadership Code Tribunal: Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo Tasks Leadership Code Tribunal On Speeding Up Hearing Of Cases

The outgoing Minister of state for Ethics and Integrity in the office of the president, Rev Fr. Simon Lokodo, has asked the Leadership Code Tribunal to speed up the hearing of cases referred by the Inspector General of Government within a short period.

Hon. Rev Fr. Lokodo who was speaking to this website after the stakeholders validation workshop for the Tribunal rule of procedures said that the speedy handing of the case's should be their primary target for justice to prevail.

Meanwhile there much more government officials who has not been corresponding to the expectation of both government and people, instead of sharing resources end up retaining it for the selves.

"Let all leader's regularly declare their wealth or poverty and liabilities on order to be sure that what one has is really commensurate to the list of resources, something beyond and one can't explain that through necessary of a business that making or donation then it means this person diverted Public for personal use" Said Lokodo.

"Let the officer's be given a duty to prove what they have even if doesn't correspond to their resources of income and for us after declaration, after verification and we find that there's no contact, then we pass it into tribunal for judicator, or even you can be dismissed on job" Added Lokodo.

However, you must know that this law has know widen the catchment area of declaration. Before it was only senior leader's but now it's all for Public officer's, public officer's go down even to the parish chief.

The Tribunal of five members chaired by Dr. Roselyn Karugonjo Segawa is set to start hearing cases of public servants who will fail to declare their wealth to the IGG as it's required by the law.

Dr Ssegawa said the tribunal is ready to handle all cases of public servants who will breach the Leadership Code which requires them to declare their wealth to the Inspector General of Government.

The tribunal will hearing breaches of the leadership Code of conduct committed by leader's and public officer's which are referred to it by the inspectorate. 

The tribunal is one of a kind within Africa .it is the fist quasi judicial body of it's kind that has been set up to fight corruption at the preventive stage rather than with a post mortem approach as a key strategy in eliminating corruption within Public sector.

"Leader's who does not submit the declaration within that period will be in breach of the code. The penalties to be imposed by the Leadership Code Tribunal include; a caution, payment of a fine, demotion and dismissal from office". Said Karugonjo.

Lokodo urged all Ugandans, especially public officers, to acquaint themselves with this law, and to comply with their legal obligations.