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Mayiga Tells Luwero Residents to Stop Lamenting Over NRA War


The Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom Charles Peter Mayiga has asked residents of Greater Luwero districts to stop lamenting over the National Resistance Army War.

Luwero and Nakaseke districts were the epicenters of the National Resistance Army war of 1981-1986. However, 38 years after the war, several veterans and residents are still demanding compensation packages.

Recently the government released three billion shillings to pay veterans but allegations of corruption have marred the exercise. This was after veterans complained that they received fewer packages than those they were signing for.

While speaking at Buganda agricultural show organized at Kasana playground in Luwero town, Mayiga asked the residents to stop lamenting and demanding compensation but instead use their land for growing coffee and other cash crops.

Mayiga explained that by embracing commercial agriculture and cooperatives, the area can restore its lost glory.

Mayiga said that most residents living in Luwero did not witness the war and were not affected by the war hence, there is no need to use it as an excuse to live in poverty.

Mayiga also asked the residents to visit the agricultural show and learn new modern farming practices for better yields.

Leaders in Luwero district have welcomed Katikkiro’s call and also residents to stop begging for handouts from President Yoweri Museveni.

Ronald Ndawula the Luwero District Chairman of the National Resistance Movement welcomed Katikkiro’s message saying the residents should use the peace brought by NRA guerilla fighters to develop the area rather than engaging in endless demands for compensation.

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Brenda Nabukenya the Luwero District Woman Member of Parliament said that although the NRM government claims to be paying the veterans and giving handouts to the residents, a lot of money has been stolen hence benefitting few people.

Robert Ssekitoleeko the Bamunanika County Member of Parliament said that in recognition of the contribution made by the area, the government should invest money in infrastructure development rather than paying compensation demands.

Ssekitoleeko asked Katikkiro Mayiga to help the residents engage in value addition after failing to secure support from the central government to construct a pineapple factory to offer a market for abundant crops.

During the agriculture show, President Yoweri Museveni through the State House Comptroller Jane Barekye donated 413 million shillings to support Katikkiro Mayiga ‘s coffee promotion programme locally known as Emmwanyi Terimba.

Museveni commended Mayiga for the programme and asked him to also popularize his four-acre model initiative among the subjects.


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