"Nakawa West For Green Leadership" Mukesh Shukla Advised To Enter Politics At 60s, Entrepreneurship At 10 Year's

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"Nakawa West For Green Leadership" Mukesh Shukla Advised To Enter Politics At 60s, Entrepreneurship At 10 Year's

Shumuk Group of companies, owned by Mr. Mukesh Shukla aka Shumuk is in business for over the last 3 decades and clocking to 60 years of age this very Year.

Mukesh who has been at "walk the top" interview with this website Advised individuals mind to avoid politics before clocked to 60 year's and always take over the entrepreneurship at thier age of 10 year's of old in terms of mindset to catch up business development.

He says that the business has matured enough to be taken care by professionals and one human life, we believe that we should strive our society after 60 years old. "Social corporate responsibility" also, because i believe that our savivers as 'Shumuk Group of companies' for 3 decades and this done by local people as our customers.

"You know are our majorly from 1959, that's 3 generation, so most of Ugandan's are our adult supportive customers. In the past and we see it's not going to change in future for good number of year's, so as family when we reach in a certain age we are now allowed younger professionals to come in, bring new ideas and take over the business that can complete internationally." Mukesh said.

He adds that the elderly experience reacte slowly in phased manner, go into different leadership value added phase for example politics and that's "Green leadership." Green leadership means a leadership that guarantee sustainability not only for one own self but for people they lead and I feel that this experience links with international business which should be the need of political leadership in Uganda for the next decades.

However this politics internationally is changing, embassies are no longer country embassy but it's commercialized. We feel that the role for entrepreneur will pray the future of countries and is going to be very rightness because the modern wellfair is going to be economic and development of mission. 

"If you weak economically, you will lose your freedom as nation. Because economic market share was dominated in the world, so I felt that my value addition in next decades can be more leadership while business can be handled with professional." He adds


The tycoon stated that politics and entrepreneurship are connected because politics is shifting from popular politics into mauritius politics. If in politics you want position politics you need mauritius to lead, for example in development. 

"In entrepreneurship you also need success trade or qualities of persistent and calculated, I advised that development leadership starts after the age of 50 year's and entrepreneurship should start at age of 10 year's in terms of mindset. So I feel that entrepreneurship based, politics is positive and politics based on entrepreneurship. However is opportunities, it's negative. Leadership should not speculate in nature, it Should be based on track records and experience." He said.


This is my message to the Nakawa west voter's, first of all I like to thank you for the opportunity you rendered to me right from NRM primaries and in general elections, although am not talking as far as electoral commission is concerned in this concluded election.

"I want to give them a hope that green leadership is taking over Nakawa west and I want to thank them, they are willing to promote green responsible leadership in Nakawa west. Am trying not to give up and continue to fight for prosperity for all and development in Nakawa area." 


My advise to all my people of Nakawa west is that primarily we should work day by living as priority, politics is in area of high-risk, lose, venture, shot me, persuade by stable individuals, rich comfortable financially security.

"My people should not be a spectator in politics, we should all exercise our rights of voting the responsible leader in our area to experience the service levels which are fit in our community expectations. Nakawa west voter's are hosting a lot of industries, education and vocational training Institute and sports activities which needs substantial plans of development not only for Nakawa west but it's a green for Uganda as general for supplies of Ugandan's with competitive entrepreneurship investors, in Nakawa west is substantial and begin transform as industrial hub if we to host good leadership."

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